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The Power of Story

I am a Twitter advocate, someone who loves the ability to converse, communicate, get information, links, jokes and, yes, snark. It’s my early warning radar for news and for pop culture. I understand its limitations and drawbacks. I don’t mind the fire hose, but I probably do spend too much time on it. (New Year’s […]

Twitter is my go-to for news first

A new Pew study about Twitter use wasn’t surprising to me, an avid Twitter user.  Certainly my experience as a college journalism professor bears out the findings that Twitter users are young, mobile and educated.  The research showed 8 percent of people on Twitter get their news there. What did surprise me was the statistic […]

Find the joy in the world

Social media is full of snark and worse. It can be a waste of time. But there are moments when the connection and communication makes it all worth it. Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch tapped into those moments of connection and sharing by asking a simple question: How many of you have  a photograph of […]

Do Twitter ultimatums work?

The question is a continuing one: How often should one tweet in the course of a day? How much is too much? On the face of it, it’s a difficult question to answer. It depends. But it’s actually an easy answer. Tweet when you have something to say, something of value to add to the […]

That’s why they call it social

I love social media. There. I’ve said it. I think it’s important for my job to figure out what’s here and what’s coming next. While I don’t pretend to be able to figure out the future of journalism, of news, I am confident there will be a social, interactive element. I don’t love all social […]

It’s mine, all mine

I am not sure why I didn’t do this before, but I have my own domain. It’s definitely a learning curve, but timing is great as I can blog right along with my Feature Writing Class and my Intro to Mass Comm Tech class. I’ve asked the students to write about writing and what they […]