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Anchor or tether?

You’ve probably all experienced it. That frantic feeling when you’ve misplaced your phone. For many, it’s a tether to organizing life with the calendar, maps,  alarm clock, clock, music, messages and connections. Is it a tether or is it an anchor, weighing us down and leaving us without a moment of peace? A class discussion […]

Reflecting on a semester

I’m assigning myself the same assignment I give to my students in most of my classes at the end of the semester: Write a reflection on what you’ve learned, what you liked, what you didn’t like. What could be better in this class? Students also fill out confidential evaluations, but I ask them to be […]

Always a student

I always learn something from my students. I love having my students write blogs because  I think it’s good for their professional portfolio and because I can learn so much from them.  I just finished grading a group of freestyle blogs — no prompt from me for the assignment. Write about what you want, preferably […]

Find the joy in the world

Social media is full of snark and worse. It can be a waste of time. But there are moments when the connection and communication makes it all worth it. Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch tapped into those moments of connection and sharing by asking a simple question: How many of you have  a photograph of […]

That’s why they call it social

I love social media. There. I’ve said it. I think it’s important for my job to figure out what’s here and what’s coming next. While I don’t pretend to be able to figure out the future of journalism, of news, I am confident there will be a social, interactive element. I don’t love all social […]