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Armor against looking lonely

Navigating the tricky etiquette of using cellphones in public can be full of minefields What is polite? What is just the way it is? Pew Research Center explored those concepts in a survey, and what the survey found was we have conflicting views. “Mobile devices play a complex role in modern social interactions — many Americans […]

Anchor or tether?

You’ve probably all experienced it. That frantic feeling when you’ve misplaced your phone. For many, it’s a tether to organizing life with the calendar, maps,  alarm clock, clock, music, messages and connections. Is it a tether or is it an anchor, weighing us down and leaving us without a moment of peace? A class discussion […]

Sometimes I need a reminder about the power of story

I’ve just read through a stack of papers for one of my classes where students have to reflect on whether they are optimistic or pessimistic about the journalism in the future. They base their essays on readings and discussion and their own experiences. But I find that even the most optimistic are looking to a […]