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That little voice in your head

We usually think of an earworm as one of those 1980s one-hit wonder songs or any-generation pop song that you can’t get out of your head. Let me pause for a minute here while you try to get something unstuck. Sorry. But I’ve learned of a different kind of earworm: the academic/mentoring kind. That voice in […]

Put me on the Puppy Bowl team

I’d call it one of the best ideas ever for Animal Planet. A Puppy Bowl. Two hours of puppies playing. And all of the puppies are from shelters. But Animal Planet didn’t stop there. Now there are tail-gating dogs. A waterbowl cam. The National Anthem with police dogs. A sideline re-parrot-er tweeting during the game. […]

The Power of Story

I am a Twitter advocate, someone who loves the ability to converse, communicate, get information, links, jokes and, yes, snark. It’s my early warning radar for news and for pop culture. I understand its limitations and drawbacks. I don’t mind the fire hose, but I probably do spend too much time on it. (New Year’s […]

Don’t stop. Full stop.

Don’t stop. Those words might make you think of a Fleetwood Mac song that is now going through my head. But they also are an important part of a great book I’ve been reading called “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  It’s a series of steps to avoid procrastination and get things done. I read […]

Let’s innovate to build everyone up

Colleague and friend Mark Smedinghoff  reminds me that people and communication are what’s important about technology — not the latest gadget or app or update. The reminder comes in his moving, heartfelt essay to the memory of his dear sister Anne, killed in a suicide blast in Afghanistan. Anne was working on a literacy project […]