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Find the joy in the world

Social media is full of snark and worse. It can be a waste of time. But there are moments when the connection and communication makes it all worth it. Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch tapped into those moments of connection and sharing by asking a simple question: How many of you have  a photograph of […]

Who wrote the book of love?

It’s time for some questions and answers. As part of the July Bloggers Challenge, started by Jen Schneider of  Liv, Laugh, Love blog, it’s time to write some answers. I’m much more comfortable asking questions, but I turned to Twitter to see if I could dig up some questions. Some wonderful former and current students obliged. […]

Why I love and hate lists

When I think of lists, I think of to-do lists. I love all of the other lists that rank and grade  from David Letterman’s Top Ten to the AP Top 25 in college football and basketball to any list of the 100 greatest fill-in-the-blank. But the to-do list tops my own list category. The form […]