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Armor against looking lonely

Navigating the tricky etiquette of using cellphones in public can be full of minefields What is polite? What is just the way it is? Pew Research Center explored those concepts in a survey, and what the survey found was we have conflicting views. “Mobile devices play a complex role in modern social interactions — many Americans […]

Anchor or tether?

You’ve probably all experienced it. That frantic feeling when you’ve misplaced your phone. For many, it’s a tether to organizing life with the calendar, maps,  alarm clock, clock, music, messages and connections. Is it a tether or is it an anchor, weighing us down and leaving us without a moment of peace? A class discussion […]

That little voice in your head

We usually think of an earworm as one of those 1980s one-hit wonder songs or any-generation pop song that you can’t get out of your head. Let me pause for a minute here while you try to get something unstuck. Sorry. But I’ve learned of a different kind of earworm: the academic/mentoring kind. That voice in […]

Always learning (I hope)

Students in my Entrepreneurial Media class started out the semester on a creative note as we used an improv exercise I had learned at the terrific MediaShift-sponsored Collab Space Atlanta in 2013. Watching my students come up with media-based products developed from nouns I generated on a random noun generator was really fun. The noun “Cent” became […]

Reflecting on a semester

I’m assigning myself the same assignment I give to my students in most of my classes at the end of the semester: Write a reflection on what you’ve learned, what you liked, what you didn’t like. What could be better in this class? Students also fill out confidential evaluations, but I ask them to be […]

Always a student

I always learn something from my students. I love having my students write blogs because  I think it’s good for their professional portfolio and because I can learn so much from them.  I just finished grading a group of freestyle blogs — no prompt from me for the assignment. Write about what you want, preferably […]

Put me on the Puppy Bowl team

I’d call it one of the best ideas ever for Animal Planet. A Puppy Bowl. Two hours of puppies playing. And all of the puppies are from shelters. But Animal Planet didn’t stop there. Now there are tail-gating dogs. A waterbowl cam. The National Anthem with police dogs. A sideline re-parrot-er tweeting during the game. […]

A life sentence

What’s my sentence? That’s the question I asked my social media students to ponder for their assignment this week. I wanted to join in because I think it’s an important exercise to distill what you want and who you are.  I am lucky enough to work at a job I love with people I enjoy […]

News without words

I love that there are so many different ways to tell the story of what’s happening in the world. It can be overwhelming, but it’s good. I discovered one of the most interesting, thanks to an NPR story, headlined: Picture this.  That story introduced me to illustrator Maria Fabrizio, who is behind the project  Wordless News. , touted […]

Time to read

I love reading. I always have. From when I was little and went to the library with my siblings and my mom, I have devoured books. But lately, I’ve been more distracted by social media, by the Internet and by television. I aim to change that with a reading challenge for 2014: eight books each […]