Always learning (I hope)

Students in my Entrepreneurial Media class started out the semester on a creative note as we used an improv exercise I had learned at the terrific MediaShift-sponsored Collab Space Atlanta in 2013. Watching my students come up with media-based products developed from nouns I generated on a random noun generator was really fun. The noun “Cent” became a random advice generator app (2 cents worth) while the noun “pull” led students to come up with an idea for an app that quickly listed hours for restaurants and bars. All of the ideas were terrific, perhaps not ready for prime-time development, but ideas that I think let them begin to see the process of finding a pain point or solving a problem.

students working at tables

Students Madeline Zukowski, Mikayla Savell-Flott, Rachel Cain and Maggie McCormick turn randomly generated nouns into apps.

The real work is to come, of course. But one of the main things I want them to get out of this course (and all of my courses) is that you never stop learning, never stop thinking: Hey, that’s an interesting idea. Whether sitting at a conference, following a link on Twitter or even sitting in a class, there’s always more to learn.

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