Put me on the Puppy Bowl team

I’d call it one of the best ideas ever for Animal Planet. A Puppy Bowl. Two hours of puppies playing. And all of the puppies are from shelters. But Animal Planet didn’t stop there.

Now there are tail-gating dogs. A waterbowl cam. The National Anthem with police dogs. A sideline re-parrot-er tweeting during the game. Keyboard kitty and cat half-time show. Too cute cam. Penguin cheerleaders. Hamsters piloting a blimp. Background stories called “Pup close and personal.” The Kiss-Cam. Sure, there’s a ton of product placement. But it’s puppies. From shelters.

It all reminds me of my high school days as one of the planners for my all-girls school’s annual Field Day. It’s a huge event at Marian High School where classes each choose a theme, makes costumes, a float-like thing, a demonstration (think band half-time show) with songs.

Carolyn Zuegner in Field Day costume.

My niece Carolyn Zuegner during her Marian Field Day.

My sister really was the genius behind our Field Day ideas, able to keep coming up with funny and creative twists to the theme. The similarity to the Puppy Bowl comes with the What-else-can-we-come-up-with vibe. When our Field Day theme was bees, our cheerleaders were flowers. When we were firefighters, the cheerleaders were Dalmatians and we turned a nun who was our class sponsor into a firebug.

The Puppy Bowl in its 10th year reminds me of that what-else-can-we-come-up with? I’d love to be on that team. I’ve got some great ideas for next year.

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