Time to read

I love reading. I always have. From when I was little and went to the library with my siblings and my mom, I have devoured books. But lately, I’ve been more distracted by social media, by the Internet and by television. I aim to change that with a reading challenge for 2014: eight books each month. This is slight compared to others who read 10 or so a month, but I know myself and I know I will watch some television — there’s “Downton Abbey,” “Chopped,”  “Sherlock,” and college basketball at the very least.

Showing pages in a book.I’m posting the list here to keep me honest and to remind myself that I need to turn off the TV and read. Any suggestions are welcome. I love fiction, mystery, nonfiction — everything. This is a varied list with books for school and work and books just for fun.

I’m off to the library.

Here’s my January list:


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